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Provided Here are Customisations Which can be done with Jobberbase by which you can improve its features or add entirely new features.

v1.8 Hacks

v1.7 Hacks

Hacks by RedJumpsuit

RedJumpsuit has added numerous hacks to Jobberbase which are listed below:

Hacks by Chronos

Chronos has added some unique and exhaustive hacks. They are listed below: to write my essay

  • Dynamic Url Structure - This hack allows you to customise Jobberbase's url structure to any other based on your requirements. (Not Required in v1.8)
  • Cities Tag Cloud - This hack allows you to add Cities Tag Cloud just like the default Company cloud which comes withJobberbase. (Not Required in v1.8)
  • Advanced Spotlight Jobs - This hack allows you to modify the spotlight jobs based on the start and end time or unlimited spotlight jobs.
  • SEO Job URL check - This hack allows you to fix duplicate url bug in Jobberbase. (Not Required in v1.8)
  • Apply Online in Admin Panel - This hack allows you to extend Apply Online Mod by Redjumpsuit by implementing the option in Admin Panel too. (Not Required in v1.8)
  • Search with Pagination - This hack improves the Jobberbase's search with increase in speed and also pagination support. (Not Required in v1.8)
  • Adding New Job Fields - This hack shows an example of how you can add new fields to Jobberbase Post Job Form.

Misc Hacks