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This Page Lists some of the popular Jobberbase Themes and the versions they support. If you have created a theme for Jobberbase, feel free to add its link here. If the theme you are adding is paid, then only add direct links and not affiliate links if it has such.

Free Themes

Listed below are some of the free Jobberbase Themes:

  • Jobberbased Template - This template for Jobberbase is available for version 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9, supports category drop down and is coded without tables.
  • Cadify - The new admin template, built by Evert Semeijn for version 1.9 is also already for version 1.8.
  • Hireme Template - This Template gives a very professional look to Jobberbase but works only on 1.6 version. v1.8 version has been released by Every Semejin.
  • Simple Grey Theme - This Theme provides relief by changing the default look of your Job Board. It includes only css changes and works on 1.7 version and can work on 1.6 too since it changes only css.
  • Jobswhite Theme - This theme is light weight and easy on eyes and works on Jobberbase v1.8.
  • Squarely - xHTML/CSS template converted to jobberBase for both v1.7 and v1.8.

Paid Themes

Listed below are some of the Paid Jobberbase Themes

  • iPhonica - Build by the author of the new admin template (version 1.9) this template is inspired by Apple and build upon Jobatica. It makes your Job Board future proof with drop-shadows, round corners and multi level dropdown navigation. It comes in 10 color styles and is packed with 27 button variations, 27 job type images. It's easy to customize and is mobile device ready. It's available for just €50!
  • JobberTabs - Priced at $29.95 JobberTabs template gives your Job Board a professional look and has navigation options via companies, cities and categories.
  • Simple Themes Pack for jobberBase 1.8 - 6 different color-scheme themes based on the original jobberBase template for US$25.00.