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jobberBase v1.9

Release Date: March 25, 2010

New Features

  • IIS support for Windows hosting.
  • View All Jobs Page.
  • Admin Area can also filter jobs by types.
  • Easy Language switch via config.php supporting multiple translation files.
  • New Theme variable - {$THEME} which refers to the active theme in use.
  • A Brand New Theme, by popular demand: Hireme (contributed by
  • A Brand New Admin Panel Theme based on Cadify.
  • Added Sitemap.xml and Sitemap.txt to Jobberbase which are generated automatically whenever they are accessed. Add it to your Google WebmasterTools and it will get it updated everytime.
  • Added the minimum job count for cities to show in Sidebar.
  • Added the possibility to turn off the moderation for the very first post from a hiring person/company resulting in the posts being automatically activated

                    Bug Fixes

                    • Error Page now return correct 404 response header.

                    • Number of jobs on front page can be set to 0 now.

                    • Fixed a bug related to Job-Type selection.


                    • Moved translations into theme directory.

                    • Emails sent by jobberBase are now defined in clean XML files, inside the theme directory.

                    • Lots of Unused code and css cleanup.

                    • Job posts loop is now not duplicated from multiple files.

                    • Backend optimisation on SQL and PHP codes to improve the performance of queries.

                    • Restructuring of Files and Config.php in a logical way.

                    • All unused images removed making the package lighter.

                    • More Anti-Spam options apart from Recaptcha in Admin panel.

                    • Some SEO Improvements and fixes.

                    • Category names instead of urls in Feed Description field.

                    • Jobberbase version will now appear in header of frontend so that one can easily know the jobberbase version if you need help from us.

                    • Admin Area is now completely independent of frontend theme and vice versa. So now no crosslinked images will occur among frontend and admin themes.

                    • The job poster no longer receives an email each time he edits his post.

                    jobberBase v1.8

                    Release Date: September 16, 2009

                    New Features

                    • Common Settings can be changed from Admin Backend instead of making changes to config.php file. (Chronos)
                    • Job Search Improved and paginated. (Chronos)
                    • Url Structure of Jobberbase is editable. (Chronos)
                    • DB prefix support, Now handle multiple Jobberbase installations on same database. (Chronos)
                    • City Cloud Page like the existing Companies Cloud Page. (Chronos)
                    • Job-Types can be edited from Backend. (linksClm)
                    • Re-Captcha Support (Chronos)
                    • Header Links are Dynamic and can be edited from Admin. (Chronos)
                    • Support for multiple themes, which can be picked from a dropdown menu in the administration panel. (Chronos)
                    • Support for Mail sending via SMTP (putypuruty)
                    • Job Posting can be disabled for the public. (Chronos)
                    • List Jobs of the Same Company on the Ad (Redjumpsuit hack applied by navjotjsingh)
                    • Apply Online Enable/Disable Hack - both from Frontend and Backend. (Redjumpsuit and Chronos hacks used)

                    Bug Fixes

                    • Fixed validation Issues in Apply Job page.
                    • Category header is taken as category name instead of url.
                    • Textile List Bug fixed. (navjotjsingh)
                    • Some wrong urls and typo errors fixed. (navjotjsingh)
                    • Fixed few minor annoying bug fixes.


                    • CSS of Frontend compressed by as much as 20%
                    • TinyMCE, PhpMailer, Smarty and Jquery Updated to latest versions.
                    • SEO Improvements - Job page now has proper meta tags, Sitemap page has a proper title and fixing of Duplicate Job urls.
                    • Jobber word in background of search box removed
                    • Added couple of required translations to make editing and translation of Jobberbase easier.
                    • Lots of Template Improvements and Compression (evertsemeijn)
                    • Unused images removed from package.
                    • config.php is replaced by config_default.php so that while upgrading settings does not get lost.
                    • Anytime City changed to Other Cities with its own separate page and background fixes for city handling. (putypuruty)
                    • Database port can be selected now for connection. (putypuruty)
                    • Default cities reduced to 5 for easier management.
                    • Days after which a job becomes old is now configurable from backend. (navjotjsingh)
                    • Jobberbase is moving to tableless layout slowly! (Chronos)
                    • Ideal-Jobs feature removed as nobody uses it. Should be developed as external hack/plugin instead of being a core feature. (navjotjsingh)
                    • Javascript Compression Implemented and Unused javascript codes removed giving a overall performance boost. (putypuruty)
                    • Widgets Page Updated - shows dynamic url and does not messes up with TinyMCE since it gets loaded from its own template. (navjotjsingh)