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This Page Contains roadmap and features that are being worked on for the upcoming Jobberbase versions. We will keep you informed regularly here.


  • review filenaming conventions and make theme developers' lives easier

Routing mechanism (in index.php)

  • remove switch/case-based system and use an auto-include style router
  • all URLs will be defined (per language) in the db (admin/settings) and used in templates via the Translator class (e.g. {$translator->url('jobs/post')})

Install script

  • review how environments are created and stored (.php VS .xml)
  • prettify UI

Upgrade script

  • create a database upgrade script :). 
  • store current db version in a special setting (invisible in admin), in the settings table.
  • on, there will be a script that takes as parameter a user's current jobberbase db version and another parameter -- the target db version (defaults to latest stable version). this script returns an XML with all db changes for a particular version.


  • add caching for everything, with an ON/OFF setting in admin.

Note For Information on older versions, head to Changelog