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Cosmin Mendrea

Cosmin is a J2EE developer by day and a PHP developer by night. He is very fond of OSS and contributes to Jobberbase for peace and relaxation of mind.

He lurks around on the forum as putypuruty.


BSCS graduate who started out developing websites since 1998. Considers herself as expert ASP3.0 developer before shifting to PHP. Did a couple years stint developing on proprietary platform but now she's back developing on open-source technologies. She really, really loves solving problems.

Erik Goverde 

Follow him on Twitter at @chronoscripts.

Evert Semeijn

Evert started building website around ‘99. With services like Geocities,Yahoo and AceHTML he made really bad design, but because of those ugly design he learned a lot of designing and building website.
Since ‘03 he is designing and building websites as a freelance job and has build templates for several clients, the Chyrp CMS, Wordpress and Jobberbase.
At the moment he is a member of the Jobberbase Development Team (template design) and is designing and selling templates at

Follow him on Twitter at @evertsemeijn (Dutch) or @3v3rt (English).

Filip Cherecheș-Toșa

Filip built jobberBase in 2007, by extracting it from, an IT specialist job site in Romania. 

He co-authored one of the first books on Ajax in 2005-2006. 
Passionate about web technologies and startups, he initiated GeekMeet (meet-ups for geeks) in over 7 major cities in Romania.
He is now making things happen at LATERAL, a software consultancy business that creates and owns sites like,, &

Find him on and follow him on Twitter at @filipcte.

Lavinia Mendrea

Lavinia has started developing desktop applications in Java for fun 5+ years ago, but soon switched to web based applications in PHP. After a few years of building custom web applications, open-source Jobberbase came as a challenge for her in the beginning of 2008, and it still is.

You can find her at or on the forum as Links.

Navjot Singh

Navjot Singh is a simple guy from Delhi, India. He started working on websites 7 years back when he build his first homepage on Geocities. From Then he kept moving to new fields - blogging, webmastering and creating lots of websites. In mid 2009, he was looking for a Job Board for his new project when Jobberbase caught his eye. And he fell in love with it. He contributes with suggestions from time to time and integrates customisations into the core which were suggested by the forum members.

Currently he is doing a regular job but has made Internet his second home.

He blogs at NSpeaks and you can follow him on Twitter at @nspeaks.

Radu Lucaciu

Radu has a C/C++ background having worked in this field for 8+ years. He took an interest in PHP and spent a few years developing web-based apps. He is passionate about core functionality / performance / optimisation and strongly believes that UI stuff should be left to Filip or other people that actually understand usability. He's recently started working with ActionScript 3 and Objective C, just for fun.
He is well known for being mortally afraid of pictures!

He posted a couple of his apps on